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The Zenius5 is a versatile, rugged and fully equipped Windows Mobile Field Controller. Due to its integrated 3.75 G GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth modules it is the ideal device to connect to all receivers of the GeoMax GNSS Family.
The Zenius5 W is a versatile handheld fully packed with everything needed to do the job. If you are looking for flexibility in software and versatility in handling connections to hardware in the field or in the office, this unit is for you. This rugged field ready Windows Mobile® handheld is built to meet GeoMax requirements for power,functionality and reliability, ensuring they always “work when you do”. The onboard 5MP camera helps with daily documentation tasks by taking photos and storing them as notes. Versatility

The new GeoMax PicPoint with contactless GNSS was released today. PicPoint is the innovative way of measuring points not directly accessible with the GNSS receiver. For this reason, the system is called “Contactless GNSS”.
With the “PicPoint” you can easily measure points directly in the field that cannot be measured with conventional GNSS measurements, such as on façade points or objects with restricted access possibility.
“PicPoint” combines GNSS measurements with images taken from the PicPoint camera attached to the pole. The innovative X-PAD field software running on an Android tablet uses photogrammetric principles to enable a point determination, CAD drawings and various COGO calculations such as Area and Tie Distance. Of course, measured points are visualised in the image allowing a visual completeness check of your survey directly on site. If you should ever have missed to measure some points, this can then be done easily in the office.